Paid Ad Marketing
The Paid Marketing Master sub-course covers all you need to know about paid marketing and more.
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About the Course

Pay-Per-Click campaigns using Google Ads, bid auctions, how to squeeze every drop of value out of paid search campaigns, the tracking of successful conversions, Google Analytics, and more 

Create a Facebook and LinkedIn Ad

How to use Google Ads, understand them, and utilize them to their full effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes

  • SEO & SEM
  • How to use Google Ads
  • Facebook Advertisement
  • LinkedIn Advertisement
  • Instagram Advertisement
  • Google Advertisement

Pre requirements

  • Be able to understand and communicate in Basic English


  • Paid Ad Marketing
  • Paid ad Marketing

  • Paid ad Marketing




Brand Consultant and Trainer

My story begins with the passion of exploring ideas and gaining trust through giving knowledge and skills. I played major roles in this society as A Placement trainer Activity Based Coaching Facilitator Brand consultant As an Author Transformational Trainer and so on. As a Placement Trainer I have trained more than 2.2 lakhs of students for improving their performance in Placements and other Technical skills. As an Activity Based Coaching Facilitator I have organized and trained 15+ " Train The Trainers" event in different cities, 150+ public programs and much more training programs for corporate people to make them comfortable and stand as a unique brand in the corporate world

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