Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Marketing Map to Using Pinterest from scratch. Wondering how to get started? What to pin? When to pin? How to increase Pinterest traffic so your business stands out?
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About the Course

Did you know people spend MORE money on Pinterest than any other social media platform? Yes - even more than Facebook!

Wondering how to get started? What to pin? When to pin? How to get people to "follow" you so your business gets noticed?

You need more traffic and sales — not another way to waste time on social media, right?

You want someone to break it all down for you - to simplify and take you step-by-step, and ultimately.... to help you get more customers online, organically!

Then I have you covered! This course will walk you step-by-step through how to use Pinterest organically for your business - no more guessing! I'll even take you outside of Pinterest, showing you some amazing tools to help you optimize your organic Pinterest results.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have your own professional-looking Pinterest for business site up and running
  • Optimize your Pinterest account to help your business get found in the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Incorporate the top “Absolute Must-Have
  • Use Pinterest to figure out exactly what your customers want
  • Perform creative collaboration with peers, current customers and new (potential) customers
  • Say goodbye to creative ruts with just one simple tool

Pre requirements

  • You will need Internet access to take and implement the steps in this course
  • You will want to be prepared to take notes during this course to capture the multitude of resources provided throughout.
  • You will maintain an open mind knowing that this course is built to serve MANY people. Some have have no Pinterest knowledge at all, while others already have a Pinterest Business site and are seeking ways to improve its effectiveness.


  • Why is Pinterest So Powerful
  • Pinterest 101
  • Marketing With Pinterest
  • The Pinterest Interface
  • Pinterest Marketing Strategy

  • Pinterest Marketing Technique
  • Marketing Techniques
  • How are Business Using Pinterest
  • Pinterest Marketing Plan
  • Conclusion




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Arun Prakash

i learned a lot from this course

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