Have you ever thought about how we can use Whatsapp as a Social media marketing tool for growing our business? Lets here we talk about how we can use WhatsApp as a business tool.
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About the Course

Although social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, and LinkedIn are gaining more attention due to its vibrant nature
with an increasing number of users with each passing minute.
WhatsApp being the number one messaging application right now it has the power of generating more business and bring more leads for small-to-medium sized businesses. Designing a robust WhatsApp marketing campaign for your business
can help you connect with your prospects effectively.
It currently boasts over 1 billion users in 180 countries that’s a massive amount of people who’d become aware of your business if you use WhatsApp to promote your business.
However, we cannot deny the fact that 1.5 billion active monthly users around the world pose a huge possibility of using WhatsApp for marketing.

The best way to reach your customers would be Whatsapp Marketing
Whatsapp is a great marketing tool for any business.
This marketing channel will help your brand to reach an audience, build strong relationships with customers and increase sales.
we offer a course on “Whatsapp Marketing”
Who is this course is for:
- Vendors
- Small Business owners
- Marketers
- Digital marketers
- Entrepreneurs
- All Social media seller
In this course, you will learn,
- What is whatsapp marketing
- How to run Campaigns on whatsapp
- How to create your Whatsapp Sales Funnel
- To market your products/services with whatsapp
- To get more contacts on your whatsapp
- How to reach your target audience
- To get more people to view your whatsapp status

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Let’s look closer at WhatsApp Business app features that you must enjoy as much as we do:
1. Business Profile
2. Quick Replies
3. Automatic Greeting Message
4. Automatic Away Message
5. Contacts Labels
6. Message Statistics
7. Catalogs
8. Interactive Business Message
9. Facebook Shops Integration
10. WhatsApp Payments in India
11. WhatsApp Chat Bot

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Learning Outcomes

  • To Learn Whatsapp
  • To Start Promoting using Whatsapp business
  • To Use the option effectively
  • customer care and retention on whatsapp
  • How to set up a stunning whatsapp profile
  • How to effectively advertise on whatsapp
  • How to design graphics for your profile and adverts using just your mobile phone
  • How to grow your whatsapp contacts and increase number of status/story view

Pre requirements

  • Mobile
  • Whatsapp Account


  • Explanation about Whatsapp
  • Group broadcast
  • Whatsapp landing page
  • Whatsapp Business Introduction
  • Whatsapp Status




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Arun Prakash

i learned a lot from this Whatsapp marketing course

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