Great Reasons to Become a TASK LMS Facilitator

1. Enjoy full logistical and operational support for flawless course execution.

2. Expand your skills.
TASK LMS encourages your professional growth. You will have the opportunity to audit many of our courses, in or outside your field of expertise. We also provide training and mentoring programs designed to keep your teaching and presentation skills at peak levels. You may even apply to join the ranks of course authors and technical editors. We select all our authors and editors from our Facilitator corps.

3. Find scheduling flexibility.
A scheduling coordinator dedicated to your course(s) and sensitive to your individual availability will work with you on short- and long-term schedules.

4. Gain immediate access to the latest advances in software and hardware.
 You also have an open line of communication to course authors, technical editors and product development managers.

5. Become involved with Workforce Optimization.
TASK LMS Facilitators do more than just teach in a classroom setting. Our Facilitators provide one-on-one coaching, participate in acceleration workshops, and work with our Client Solutions team to develop managed learning services for large organizations.