How to Become a TASK LMS Facilitator
TASK LMS requires excellent communication skills and hands-on technical experience and expertise. A degree, plus advanced training and teaching experience are highly desired. Our Selection and Training Process

1. Interview First,
we interview candidates to ensure they have strong communication skills so they can pass along their expertise effectively.

2. Author Interview Next,
the course author takes all candidates through a detailed checklist to make sure they have both the technical expertise and practical work experience necessary to teach the course. 

3. Train-the-Trainer Program
All candidates then go through our intensive Train-the-Trainer program where they learn the latest techniques in Active Learning. To graduate, they must deliver three course presentations and receive excellent evaluations.

4. Course Audit
Successful candidates next audit the course they will teach, and present part of the course for evaluation by the senior Facilitator for an assessment.

5. Co-Teach (Optional)
The most successful candidates then co-teach a course with an experienced Facilitator acting as their mentor. They present half or more of the course for evaluation by the senior Facilitator.

6. Solo Teach
Finally, the candidate is assigned to a solo teach. Course attendees complete detailed evaluations of all Facilitators, and these are used to pinpoint ongoing development activities that constantly improve their scores.